Thursday, July 8, 2010

if a candidate/President does not care for the unborn

if a candidate/President does not care for the life of the unborn,the sick,handicapped or elderly what makes one think he will care for anyone else?
To the extent anyone respects the dignity of ALL human life that is the extent of the respect they will give you.Too many women have fallen for the argument that pro life people are trying to take away a woman's choice. Conservatives are painted as being anti woman or anti choice. The death of the unborn is unrelated to having a choice.
The death of the unborn is unrelated to being a woman.
What the culture is doing is promoting promiscuity and illicit sexual relations among our youth and then convincing them abortion is the answer.It is the duty/obligation of a compassionate society to teach the next generation values that will enhance their life. I don't think that means teaching them to look and act like loosely.They look at conservatives and paint them as being uncaring and rigid.
What do we prefer? Girls as young as 13 and 14 being emotionally damaged,economically poor and having babies they either keep or abort? What is wrong with waiting until marriage? Wouldn't it be easier for our youth to make better decisions if the culture supported those decisions.I don't mean just talk.I mean clean it up. They don't have to be aroused every time they turn around.They don't have to be bombarded with messages that put sexuality in the gutter.
It spills over into politics.I remember when you barely had a chance to be elected if you admitted you were pro life.
Obama got elected because he fooled the American people.He lied to them.
Obama got elected because he was going to be our first black President.It didn't matter whether he ought be elected based on his character. I certainly would have supported a conservative black candidate. I feel the black community lost out more than anyone. I wanted someone willing to protect the unborn.Someone who truly cared for the American people-not someone who was willing to do anything to get elected.
Do you think Obama cares about the people in the Gulf? Of course not.
Do you think he cares if health care gets rationed? Of course not.
Do you think Obama cares about the American people? Of course not.He cares about his agenda. He accepts the culture of death and that IS the agenda that he is promoting.Do you think this agenda is good for America of will this be the death of our country? Maybe at this point it's deserved.We need a wake up call.
ALL of us.Democrat,Republican,black,white.
This is a country willing to accept 4 million abortions?
These are all for the 'health and well being' of the mother?
What about the unborn? What about their health and well being?
What about this swamp we live in?
What if our culture actually began to be moral? What if our businessmen,representatives,companies and media actually began to do the moral good?
What if we really began to care for what we are handing the next generation?
Begin with protecting life-at all stages.Begin with giving our kids values-especially so parents wouldn't be fighting an uphill battle.
Let's raise everyone up to the dignity they deserve.
We're sinking. Begin by protecting the unborn. Reject the contraceptive mentality that got us to this point in the first place. Prophetic:

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