Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shake Up

Last night, conservative Christine O'Donnell won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Delaware.As we know the liberal media will begin to pounce on her just as they've done Gov Palin all along.They will make fun of her views on abstinence and pornography. Some so called 'moderate' Republicans might also have problems with her pov.
I can hear the cries of theocracy and imposing values all over again. Nobody is permitted to have a pov opposing our decadent culture.In fact,nobody is permitted to even say our culture is corrupt.
Jim DeMint also summed it up well:
"We have won a great victory in Delaware but the fight has just begun.

You see, the establishment in Washington is so upset by Christine's victory, they are throwing one of the biggest political temper tantrums we've seen in a very long time.

Everywhere you turn, some know-it-all Beltway insider is throwing in the towel, saying they won't do anything to help Christine defeat the Democrat in November. These phony Republicans apparently prefer to elect a liberal Democrat to fill the seat over a principled conservative."
You see whatever the establishment is they must have their coronations.
They pick the candidate then we have to back them.Not so.
It's time WE pick the candidates. The Democratic party likes lemmings.
Jim DeMint spelled it out,"Federal election law allows the national GOP party committees to spend up to $174,000 in "coordinated" funds to help Christine win in Delaware. Since they won't spend it helping their own nominee, I believe we should raise this exact amount for Christine's campaign. This will not only help her win, it will send a message to the Washington establishment that we're going to fight for principled leadership with or without them."

Yes,this is the year for sending a message.First to Obama,then to the establishment business as usual people,to Pelosi and Reid.
They couldn't drain the swamp so we will.

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