Monday, February 28, 2011

Catholics Voted For Obama

What part of abortion is intrinsically evil and that gay 'marriage' and abortion are non-negotiable  did Catholics not understand?
Do we not understand that we are always Catholic?
I think some believe you drop it off at the door when you vote.Others think it's ok to disobey Church teaching.
Some see abortion as a 'personal issue' which they don't think the Church has any say in;though if they knew their faith they would see that the Church has said plenty for a very long time.
Others think it's political and the Church should 'butt out." No,your pastor is not going get up in the pulpit and put his weight behind a party and if he does he's in the wrong.On the other hand the pastor,the bishop and anyone else in a position of authority in the Church has a duty to speak about abortion and the vote.Mention no names or party;oh yes he can and should.At the least the laity should take it up and make sure their fellow Catholics are informed and informed correctly.Although i'm not sure in  how many different ways the Church could spell it out any clearer.
We have an election coming up soon.We have a year to check out who is running.Let's not make the same mistake twice.Anyone sorry they did vote Obama?
Let's vote Catholic for a change.
Think about this.We have immense voting power.There are a lot of us.If we would only vote pro life abortion could end in this country.

I had a person on twitter who was very much upset and wondered about Catholics. She knows Catholics got Obama elected. Am i supposed to deny this? Do you know that some people question whether we are truly a people of life?
Do you blame her?
I will defend the Church though. We know that Church teaching is very clear. People will do what they want even though they know as Catholics we must obey Church teaching.Maybe there is some way that people rationalize what they do in this instance?
Or maybe some people simply don't make sure they KNOW Church teaching well enough.
You tell me.I don't get it.
What i do know is that we say God Bless America while our country is becoming godless.
What i do know is that Obama is a liar and said what he had to say to get elected.I also know that Obama said a lot of things that people just didn't pay attention to and should have. The media had him walking on water.You cannot depend on the liberal media to tell you the truth.
This time around.Don't be fooled. Any man who could accept killing a baby in the womb or is grappling with what marriage is(all of sudden, no less)isn't a man i would trust with anything,let alone the highest office in our country.
Catholic Teaching;PLS read.

Image from Holy Family Catholic Church in Saginaw(re-sized to fit)

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