Saturday, September 10, 2011

Response to Newsmax re Perry's 'Rise' To Top

Below is the response Dale Silver sent to due to the Headlines of "Perry Surge Creates Two-Man Race on Eve of Key Debate" .Mr.Peterson's response is absolutely worth a read. Am adding a few additional comments at the end. The part i will respond to are italicized. They in no way take away from Dale's overall response;he is painfully correct and it's my hope that people will see this before we make another mistake in the nomination of a Rep candidate and especiallyin the upcoming election. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason the USA is in the shape that we're in is because of the Political Establishment such as Karl [White Board] Rove and others go on T.V. and prognosticate and public like sheep going to the slaughter accepts it as the gospel. Then we end up with the same bunch of Political Retreads who have gamed the system for a life of mooooching off the tax payers. A "Visionary" like Herman Cain’ is as a whole more capable of turning America around as the sum of the total of all the other GOP Candidates combined. There isn't anyone who knows how to meet a payroll turn around businesses like Herman Cain. He gives the clearest answers and makes more sense than anyone of the other GOP presidential wantabe's. Herman is a gentleman but is shown so much disrespect by people like O’Reilly and other even at Fox News. Megan Kelly is the only one who has given Herman half a chance to explain his vision of turning America around, I am convinced most of the “News Media” including Fox News’ “Expert’s are incapable of carrying on an interaction with Herman because they are really no different than BHO incapable of think but they can read “Teleprompters” which is their livelihood! We have political "Hacks" like Bill Kristol who was responsible for steering Dan Quayle's demise as his assistant but yet people like that influence the general public, just because he had a father in the same business. Rick Perry is not a Conservative in Immigration, dealing with the Muslim political system disguised as a religion and many other issues but in two weeks he has been anointed by the Political Prostituted Establishment and just like BARRY who was not vetted we will be sorry. Romney is a FLIP FLOPPER on most any issue you name and anyone who thinks they can be a "GOD" in eternity as Mormon's do, as a result of their "Good Works" while here on earth is naive and really needs to examine their religious foundation. Herman stands not just with me but with the Founding Father's principles that guided them to establish this Great nation. Herman is a Black American not a hyphenated American and 40% to 60% the Democrat Party's Strategy is to call the GOP candidate a RACIST. Herman neutralizes that and the class warfare argument. Herman has the Integrity, Character and Backbone to cut through the “Washington Establishment Good Ole Boy System” and get America back on the RIGHT TRACK for his and our children and grandchildren. The sum total of ALL of the GOP candidates Life’s Experience’s does not come close to comparing with the Whole of Herman’s Experiences which gives him the ability to relate to every segment of society. Herman’s Common Sense Solution’s for America is the only written positional document that informs the public what and how Herman’s Presidency will re-establish America’s place of exceptionalism in the world. Herman’s core values are biblical and he knows the heart beat of the unborn as well as the elderly and how our country protects and defends everyone who is here legally. Herman knows why and how we became the GREATEST EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY since creation by placing God first and following the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to the letter of the law. Herman would be a STATESMAN as President not a political hack, his allegiance would be to the people, for the people and by the people. This why Herman Cain is the only real choice America has in 2012. If the Political Establishment would all just SHUT UP AND LET THE PUBLIC LISTEN TO THE CANDIDATE'S THEN WE MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE OF RETURNING TO A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. The problem is it is all about the political pundit making a buck by giving worthless advice and treating the America public like we are ignorant/stupid and can’t make a distinction between the Real Patriot and the Political opportunist! Dale Silvers Snellville, Ga. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Peterson said this re Romney:
Romney is a FLIP FLOPPER on most any issue you name and anyone who thinks they can be a "GOD" in eternity as Mormon's do, as a result of their "Good Works" while here on earth is naive and really needs to examine their religious foundation.
Romney is definitely a flip flopper on most any issue you name. He has a past record to look to.His record backs up Dale's assertion.It's not an unsubstantiated charge by a long shot. I will also say a few things about Romney's faith as a Mormon. As a Catholic we view Mormonism as an apostasy for a number of reasons but the main reason being the denial of Jesus' Divinity. LDS is NOT the only denomination that does not accept the basic tenet of Christianity,the Trinity. I wouldn't single them out on this one. They also mistakenly believe that man BECOMES God. In Catholicismwe have a belief in Theosis; NOT the same as the belief that man BECOMES God. Last but not least we are not saved by faith alone anymore than we are saved by works alone. Our good works are the works of Christ in us and as Jesus taught it is what our final judgment will be based upon. Our good works are the result of God's grace just as much as our faith is a result of God's grace. When the book of life is opened the question won't be;did you believe? Rather it will be,what did you do out of love for God and neighbor?I think in this instance Mr Peterson,in good faith though,misunderstands the belief. Don't get me wrong.LDS is anti Catholic itself and we disagree with many of the LDS doctrine. On the other hand i have known Mormons personally and i would never question their patriotism. Nor would i question their sincere beliefs even those we disagree with. Those are always up for discussion. Romney,Mormon or not,is not the right choice for Pres. for all those reasons Dale stated so well.

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