Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Very Disgusted

I firmly believe were it not for fraud,corruption and maybe some clueless voters that Romney won in 2102. You know ANYONE that voted Obama? Me either.What i find very discouraging now is that poll numbers give Obama a 60% favoriblity rating. You have to be kidding me.The man is a liar and corrupt to the core. Not withstanding that the unemployment rate is heading to 8% by the looks of it. Gas prices are outrageous. We can hardly afford groceries. He's sold arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.F'16's,Abram tanks and billions in aid. This is a government that has sworn to wipe Israel off the planet and loathes the west. No one held accountable for Fast and Furious or Benghazi. We know Obama had to have given the order to stand down-not a peep anywhere. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks. I am going to support another Romney run in 2016. I want to build an army and by gosh we're not going to get hoodwinked this time. I know Obama would not have gotten elected unless God permitted it-there must be a reason.Maybe the American ppl will wake up but looks like to date they are definitely bamboozled. You're welcome to join. I was hoping there would be a stampede! ROMNEY 2016,BELIEVE IN AMERICA AGAIN I keep hearing he didn't get the message out or he didn't have a message. Come on. We have a state run media. How was he supposed to get the message out? We should have been willing to crawl over broken glass or walked on hot coals in our bare feet to get Romney elected. People stayed home-so i hear-because he wasn't conservative enough or he wasn't likeable. Is Marxist conservative enough for everyone? What's to like about a liar? The liberals own it all people and they have been grabbing a foothold for too long. Now they've painted the Republicans as the old rich white guys. They've won. They have academia,the media,the schools and they're controlling the narrative. Romeny was a very decent man. He was demonized beyond recognition. The man they painted was nothing like Romney.
(CNN) – Nearly a month after last year's presidential election, Mitt Romney's campaign donated almost $90,000 to the American Red Cross, federal election filings showed Friday. The donation also came a month after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast, coinciding with the final week of the presidential contest. Both candidates were forced to put their campaigns on hold briefly as residents of New York and New Jersey assessed the widespread damage and destruction.
So i ask.What did Obama do for these ppl but a photo op and Romney was painted as the greedy rich uncompassionate rich guy. I want to see a Romney win in 2016 hoping by then ppl will rise up and get their heads out of the sand. Seriously.He should have won in 2012 and it really did look like a landslide coming at the time.I wasn't the only one predicting a landslide. Were all these ppl off THAT much? I see no reason he can't win in 2016 but we have to get it going soon. There are other people trying to rise through the ranks and positioning themselves. We have no time to waste and we have to get serious about it. Also,check out the blog entry on Obama voter fraud. There's a link to the page. People have told me there wasn't enough to make a difference. I say Obama cheated.It's not beneath him. It looked like a landslide for Romney. I know it and you do too. So how could it go that horribly wrong at the last min. CORRUPTION ppl.Someday Obama will be exposed.It can't be soon enough. I'm still not getting this 60% favoribility rating for him. Have the folks become that clueless? Disgusted.

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