Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Obama and Planned Parenthood

I do not need planned parenthood to get a mammogram or cancer screening. Sorry. I've had those all my life and planned parenthood wasn't a part of it. Murdering a baby is not health care. It's not health care for the mother,much less the baby. Your poor excuses and verbal engineering will not help you. There is no reason for one dime of tax payer money to fund planned parenthood. Ok they got you elected because you have no conscience to speak of-but we did not vote for you either. Your job Mr President is not to protect Planned Parenthood.Your job is to protect the American people and you've abdicated that job. We were attacked and you're worried about Planned Parenthood. We won't forget. We know the media won't cover this. Not because it's too graphic. It's too real. It doesn't fit the narrative. Planned Parenthood won't condemn Gosnell and his clinic. That's no mystery. They don't care. Let's grasp it. They accept the choice,but never say what the choice REALLY is. The media doesn't want to cover it because it's supposed to be out of sight,out of mind. As long as the American ppl go about their daily business,live their lives and don't consider what is going on in these clinics all is well. Obama said Romney/Ryan were waging a war on women. Romney wanted to talk economy. Obama wanted to talk abortion and contraception. As if Romney was going to take away contraception from women. Evidently this was a very important issue to women. The country can collapse but as long as we have our birth control-which Romney wasn't going to touch-and can kill our babies we're fine. You will never hear about Gosnell in the media.They had to be shamed to even mention him. It's not going to happen,even though one adult woman died. It's not worth talking about her because it would also expose the other agenda. You think Planned Parenthood would report his clinic? Not a chance. i doubt they report underage rapes. What does Planned Parenthood care about?
You see Barack Obama you won votes by driving the point home about an imaginary war on women when we're really at war with people that are actually trying to kill us. So who do you go to address? Planned Parenthood.You could care less about the American people. It's all about YOUR agenda.
Yes, Obama,you worry about Planned Parenthood and this trumped up war.You won the election because you figured out what was so important to women. Some women will worry about the next terrorist attack, job loss, the train wreck called Obamacare that you just had to have passed-no Obama the United States is not a platform for your personal experimentation. You don't have to worry about Gosnell. The media will cover it up no matter how gruesome it is. All legalized abortion did was take the abortionist out of the back alley,gave him a respectable office,make him tons of money and give him protection. Now we've become so cold and callous-and you voted against the born alive infant protection act yourself-that we can kill babies who are born alive. It's called INFANTICIDE.Gosnell was caught. How many are not? I bet dimes to dollars he gets off with a light sentence.
One day Obama we will EXPOSE Planned Parenthood(it's inception was racist)and close it down. The day will come.Truth and justice can't be buried forever.

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