Saturday, June 22, 2013

Debate with anti Christian

I won't go into the whole debate but it's finally come down to this.He states:
There are objective principles underlying morality - Almost all of us have empathy. Almost all of us prefer pleasure to pain and life to death By some pretty simple objective principles which virtually every human agrees upon - we have the basis for our morality
He notes that those are the principles and they are objective but that morality itself is subjective. Almost all of us prefer pleasure to pain and life to death. I agree but i wouldn't make pleasure an end in itself. It's called SEEKING pleasure for a reason. I hope we prefer life to death. Two things are unavoidable though; pain and death. We try to alleviate the pain of others as much as possible but that leaves death. It cannot be avoided. So as much as we prefer life-and SHOULD-there's no way to avoid death. I think he's saying the principles of morality are psychological.Catholicism believes the obligation to love people is a moral principle. It may be that he's trying to envision a moral society without God. So far it's been his biggest beef.God. His goal[ it seems to me] is to save, the duped,ignorant and the stupid.Is it possible that billions of people are that easily swayed by what he calls mythology? Is it also possible that a humanly[and divinely] devised institution such as the Catholic Church could stand for some 2k yrs given some of the obstacles that it has overcome? The fact is Christianity brought societies from the barbaric into Western Civilization.You have to look at history. It doesn't mean men have ceased to do evil things but given our fallen nature I don't know how anyone could not credit Christianity for the good it has brought to people through the ages. The record for godless societies/states hasn't been anything to write home about. He seems to be a good person in his own life but he definitely gets a tad crabby on social media. Think he's looking for Thomas Moore's Utopia.Be sure to get away from your computers tonight and look for the SUPER MOON!

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