Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Militant Anti Christian Atheists,Part I

Before we talk about the rise of militant atheism, a side note.I would not be up were it not for a very disconcerting dizzy spell.I slept most of the night away only to be woke up around 3:00 a.m. Everything seemed just fine until i went to lay back down again.In the hopes of getting some more sleep. As soon as i did that was all she wrote. It happened again. I intend to stay up for awhile until i feel a little better.The next step is to sit on the edge of the bed,sit slightly up and then SLOWLY lay back down.If i can. This is terrible but i may be up for awhile.A good time to make use of the peace and quiet.Not too thrilled with the circumstances though. Now for the real deal; militant atheists.I did not know they existed.I assumed atheists just went their own way and for whatever reasons they had did not believe in God. I also assumed most were probably good people who just didn't believe in God for various reasons.Not so. i ran into a couple on Facebook. This is when i discovered a site called godless America. Now i am learning how vicious they can be and their real agenda. I'm not saying ALL atheists fall into the same category but be prepared. There may be more foot soldiers in the militant atheist group than we think. Their goal is to destroy Christianity.I have no idea why they would want to do this. As i said i assumed most atheists were just content with their own unbelief. At first the gentleman i was debating with actually seemed to be interested in honest discussion. We had a feisty debate going but it was civil.He laid out his own points. Then he took a turn and started calling Christianity evil. He called God evil.He called the Bible evil and used selected verses. He considered the Catholic Church the MOST evil.I suppose because he considered it a larger target.Now i did point out the atrocities of atheistic states to him but they have an answer for it.For one,he ignored it. However, they do have an answer for the atrocities of atheistic states.It goes like this:
The regimes in question (i.e. communist regimes like that of the Soviet Union, Communist China, et. al.) were totalitarian and dogmatic in nature. The state was all, and the needs of the state were of paramount importance, regardless of the wishes of individuals. For all their claims of openness and liberation, those societies were invariably oppressive and intolerant of any dissent. To the extent those regimes were hostile to religion, the hostility came chiefly from the identification of religions and religious organizations as competing sources of influence. In some cases, the antagonism was exacerbated by the recognition (and this was especially true in the Soviet Union) that the church had been aligned with the forces of oppression in the regimes that had been overthrown by the revolutionary movements that led to the creation of the totalitarian states in question. It is also the case that many, if not most, of the atrocities committed by such regimes against their people had nothing whatever to do with any sort of anti-religious sentiment but were the product of other causes.
Source: godlessinamerica They conclude that the atrocities of the atheist states had nothing to do with religion. This is a white wash. They have to have some way to attack Christianity and they can't very well legitimize their attacks if atheism has a history of atrocities. It doesn't fly. 1. Marxism itself was anti religious.The statement that religion is the opiate of the masses is the most well known quote of Marx. Further the persecution of the Catholic Church after the Communist Revolution is very well known.It is easily proven. The Communist regime had to make the state god and to do that they had to destroy religion. The Bolsheviks took power in October 1917 and declared a separation of church and state. It's in the Constitution of the [former]USSR. Article 124 of the Soviet Union's 1947 constitution
In order to ensure to citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the USSR is separated from the state, and the school from the church.
Persecution of Catholics in the Soviet Union Needless to say it is well known the extent to which the Communist Regime persecuted Catholics and other Christian denominations. It is also well known that religious freedom(that is freedom of worship)was more words than deeds in the Soviet Union. I won't get into a lot of documents/proofs because it is historically well documented and so well known in general.There's a wealth of material re same.It's common knowledge. How these militant groups think they can get around it is beyond me but they would have to destroy the evidence first. Next tactic: Pick out a few verses from scripture to prove that God is evil. The two she bears story proves God is a murderer. Then point out Jesus didn't speak out re slavery.They claim the Bible condones slavery. All of these can be discussed but the bottom line is they skirt the overwhelming good of Christianity and Jesus teachings. They either ignore it or pretend it didn't happen. The gentlemen i debated with had a great deal of scripture memorized but his interpretation was lacking.I also pointed out to him(several times)that Catholics do not accept the doctrine of sola scriptura;or scripture alone as the sole authority. It didn't stop him and he didn't get it.His reply was "who cares?"

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