Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throw Away Culture

Pope Francis has noted,
"That is how people are thrown away. We, people, are thrown away, as if we were trash.”
What comes to my mind is abortion. The height of how we throw away,dispose of what we do not need or want. When i was young abortion was illegal.It was rare and it was considered a horror. Now i go onto sites like Facebook and the discussions are about when it would be acceptable to abort. People pick which months they think it's ok.Some say before 3,some before 2;some are more stringent.Not after 20 weeks.You talk to half dozen people and each will say a different time. I could never imagine discussing such a thing.It's not a matter of what time period is acceptable to us.It's either ok or it isn't.The question is re abortion period.They call it pro choice and the choice is abortion. In reality the term is pro abortion.You cannot window dress the reality with a misleading word. It hasn't made teen pregnancies less rare.We have an epidemic.It causes societal and economic problems. It affects all of us but it's disproportionately high in the black community. What's odd is that i don't hear any liberal leaders addressing it. Al Sharpton called for a 100 city protest over the recent tragedy but nothing about the problems teen pregnancy causes. Dead Silence. I hear a lot of liberals talking about compassion. The problems associated with teen pregnancy?Not a word. Puzzling. You would think with all the real problems-poverty especially-liberals would be the first to speak up. You have to wonder why. I reached a conclusion. I think that we are going to be reluctant to discuss it and if that's the case we're really in decline.It's a cause that liberals are not going to want to admit. There is only one way to get to the root of the problem and that is 1. admit it 2. face it head on.The root is immorality. It's the root cause of unwed teen pregnancies and young boys not accepting responsibility for their behavior.It's why young women have no self respect and why young men do not respect them. It's why when a young girl gets pregnant the boyfriend takes off or talks her into an abortion and then goes on to get other women in the same situation. Rather than clean up our act we'd just as soon throw away the baby,the mother,the father. We throw the mother into poverty.We toss the father into a cesspool without a moral compass to live by. The baby is tossed in the garbage and we end up with people like Kermit Gosnell. People were shocked. i wasn't.You don't have to be Catholic or even religious to realize the truth of the matter and to expect better. People make mistakes of course but this is something we must face head on. It's too bad there wasn't a 100 city protest over abortion and teen pregnancy,drugs and gang violence. Nothing about it surprised me. I've said it many times.All legalizing abortion did was take the abortionist out of the back alley and put him in the front office. It's a lucrative business so why would this industry want our young people to have a moral code to live by? Better to toss them away too. I watched Pope Francis today. What a wonderful man. He seemed so happy to be home. The Church has always spoke out on behalf of the poor and marginalized from Blessed John Paul II to Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI.Pope Francis brings it to the people in his own unique way.We've had 3 wonderful Popes right in a row. John Paul II,Benedict the XVI and Francis. Or as Pope Francis said this week in Rio,be surprised by God.We throw the priceless away. Our unborn,the aged,marginalized.Sometimes ppl in our own families. We throw the human away like it is trash.

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