Sunday, August 4, 2013

Half Hour to GK

There's only 1/2 hr to go and GK Chesterton will be on EWTN (9:00 pm EST).He's on every Sunday night,followed by the nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery praying the holy rosary.I try not to miss either one. Husband doesn't feel well. I gave him some powdered non fat milk mixed with Carnation and it didn't set right on his stomach.He swears he'll never drink it again.The non fat dry milk. Today was a very easy going day otherwise.I came in from our front deck after enjoying the fresh air and beautiful cloud formations. Watered our little flower garden and hosed out the bird bath.It had some mold on the bottom. Will fill it tomorrow.Our aide brought some flowers from Wal mart the other day.They are actually coming to life!! Our zinnas are growing like mad. Unfortunately i surrounded the statue of St Francis with them and you can't see but the top of his head anymore.If that. I also ordered some Lupine and Snap Dragons to plant as seeds. If they take off like the zinnas it will only be a couple weeks before they start 'popping' out. I hope by the time Greg gets here they will be fully grown. No housework today. Not that it didn't need done,but it's Sunday.I blogged most of day.Tweeted some. Read Father Z's word press blog. Never miss that! Tomorrow will be another day. I was thinking about my son today. I've had some bizarre dreams of late and they've included my mom and dad and son among other people they were familiar with.I think it's because deep down i am bothered by the situation and trying to resolve it in the back of my mind. Much prayer needed. Only God can handle this-and if this is the way it is going to be then i have to accept it. Mom died of a broken heart from missing dad so much. If i die of anything it will be that too. I know that some things cannot be changed and perhaps that is the cross He has given me. i feel bad that he and another family member are acting like this. I understand it up to a point and realize SOME of it,perhaps a great deal,is my fault. I just wish we could let it go. After all i took care of dad and helped mom with caring for him.I was there when mom was ill too except for a brief period.I understood very well that there was no way on earth anyone else could get out of the responsibilities they had. It was impossible.They would have been there if they could. No fault of theirs. I was the only one who was close enough and not tied down with anything that could do it. No pat on the back warranted.I just didn't expect this treatment either.Anyway, it is a beautiful day and am so grateful for a lot of good things. Husband did some fries in our deep fryer out of potatoes. Nobody fries em like he does so i'm going to enjoy this little snack and get ready for for GK again. It's about that time.We'll blog about something worthwhile this week. Watch GK if you get a chance. It's only 1/2 hr but worth every min. Here's the EWTN channel finder-just type in your zip code EWTN CHANNEL FINDER If you can't get it on television they have live tv at can watch it there.

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