Wednesday, August 14, 2013


"We don’t have to choose between the unborn and the poor. We can’t choose between them. We have to choose both. Silence about the unborn and avoidance of the issue for the sake of a “bigger picture” is a cop out. Without the right to be born, the other social justice issues are so much wind in the weeds.

Moreover, though we must help the poor, the best ways to help the poor are matters of contingent moral judgments (about we Catholics can disagree). The right to life of the unborn is not a matter of contingent moral judgments (we Catholics can’t disagree)."

If you don't understand exactly what this is saying I can spell it out. We ARE free to disagree about how to take care of the poor; although we know we must take care of the poor.It's false to say if one is pro life and opposes abortion that we don't care about the poor.You and i can be worlds apart on the how to .Abortion.Another matter. The right to life is NOT a matter of opinion or judgement and we're NOT free to disagree with Church teaching.PERIOD.

Abortion is intrinsically evil. Read that several times.

No Catholic can support abortion.No Catholic can support same sex marriage.No Catholic can support cloning.No Catholic can support euthanasia.You can't support a good on one hand-taking care of the poor and an evil on the other-killing the unborn.

Let me also spell this out;no one is going to pressure by public opinion, a media blitz or activism on the part of same sex groups the Church to change a teaching she cannot change anyway. It's God's law.It's Church law.It's natural law.It is set in stone. The Catholic Church is not a democracy and being founded by Jesus Himself gives her the moral authority-the power to bind and loose-to speak on matters re faith and morals.Jesus did not say it's a sin one day and not the next because it's 2k years later. Murder is a sin and will be a sin until the end of time. Adultery is a sin and will be a sin until the end of time. If the Church can change the teaching re abortion,contraception,same sex marriage etc. then you may as well say she can change the teaching re murder.

To read the quote in context go here An American Bishop Switches Political Parties

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