Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am so thankful that my husband-who went to the ER a couple days ago-is doing better today.i wish i were but am still so thankful he is. I have a personal quiet thank you to God also for something remarkable that was done for my husband.A grace received. We are going to buy a dozen roses and give them to Our Blessed Mother as a sign of our gratitude. On the other hand there is much terrible news today re the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.Father Z has a good commentary re the attacks.Worth reading. Everyone Should Know About This!

Father has another blog entry that isn't such good news either that is worth your time to read also:OREGON: Govt. official: those who resist “gay” marriage must be “rehabilitated” Pray for our country.i don't know how long God will tolerate our abuse of the freedom He has given us. Since i'm dizzy today have to keep this brief but Father Z's blog has more than one entry that is worth reading.

It's going to be a busy week.It always seems that whenever we have a busy time that's when i decide to go down for the count. At least husband will have his aide to lend a hand. I wish i could. :( I was thinking about my son today too.Always do.It's the same with the folks.There isn't but a few days that go by they don't cross my mind (and heart). He is a lapsed Catholic.Fortunately he did have his 2 children baptized in the Lutheran church(his wife's denomination)and that is a valid baptism. However,i know that he is not-or at least LAST i knew-he was not,living his Catholic faith. It pains me to think we don't speak and accept each other.

I am excited though that Gary's son is coming to visit him again.It means so much to my husband and i know one day his son will have all the memories they've gathered the last few yrs. They might never have gotten together again.His coming is where the busy part comes in. They're going camping and there's much to get ready especially since they will also be boating.Safety first.Am ordering a PFD device for husband and his son is going to buy his own before he comes.He has more stores available that have this type of device. He should be here sometime the first week of Oct if not the 1st or 2nd of Oct.

Yes,a PFD(personal flotation device) is a nuisance but it's better than an accidental drowning you don't see coming.If you're out on a boat,they could save your life or the life of a loved one with you.It's worth the bother!!

I wish my son and i were at least SPEAKING. Unfortunately i think he put too much expectation on our past attempts and with the bar raised so high i don't know how we could meet it.I think we should at least be content with our talking to each other and worry about the depth of those conversations as they go along-as we might come to that naturally. Forgiveness would be a good step and help both of us.

We could start from the PRESENT day and stick with the PRESENT day. There's no point in rehashing old wounds and there's no sense in looking ahead to where we might go in the future.He's a good person.I know deep down there has to be a space somewhere for us to get on.

There were all those wrongs i believed my parents did to me,but the reality is most were imaginary and some were never intended.Late in life we let the past go. It did wonders for our relationship. Every moment counted.It had to.They were both seriously ill. Just as i know my folks forgave the wrongs i did them and most of those were real,not imagined.I don't think any of us are the same person over the years. I'm not saying we change totally.Of course not,but we do in small ways. It's a journey.i know that i have not arrived. Little by little you get there. Step by step-with God's grace- you become less selfish than you were the time before.I admit-I have a long ways to go.

Final thought:PLS pray for the Christians in the Middle East. Let's not forget them.

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