Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Foreign Policy

Here's the mistakes Obama made:

Backed Muslim Brotherhood, stood by during Iran's Green Revolution, Believes you can negotiate with rouge regimes(N. Korea,Iran), Pushed the reset button with Russia.Naive. You can't push a button when dealing with Putin

Obama may actually have Syria right-but he seemed indecisive.I will say this for Pres Bush-he was never indecisive. Maybe he didn't make all the best decisions but he believed they were right and stood up for them.

Where Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul are wrong is their idea that if you leave ppl who hate us alone,they will leave us alone.Wrong. They want to kill us whether we leave them alone or not.It's that simple.They don't need a reason.

Pray for Peace as Pope Francis has called us to do. It's a shame it's come to this. The Middle East needs some serious changes. It is always a powder keg.

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