Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Open Letter To Son,PLS Retire from Navy

Dear "PC"

You have your own life and all your decisions are your own.I know by now you must be close to retirement age for the Navy.If not yet,I am hoping you would consider taking an early retirement.It would only be by a few years.

I was thinking this not because of the Navy Yard shooting in Washington DC per se.By now I'm sure all our military bases-not just the Navy-are on a heightened state of alert. It's because it shows me how inept the government has become.It's not the only reason. I thought about you some time ago when Obama did away with DODT.He supports the LGBT community. I didn't think the military was a place for a radical to attempt social engineering.He only cares about his agenda. He has no respect for the military.Further he cannot bring himself to use the word terrorist. I do not want our country fighting his battles. Not worth it.

The Obama administration is never held accountable.If we were to get into a war under his command and it went horribly wrong he would never take the blame.He's only interested in getting credit when our military does the job.

Please consider it.I often thought how terrific it would be if you applied for the FBI. They have field offices in so many locations and you definitely have the credentials.

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