Monday, September 2, 2013


I felt i almost had to post an entry re Syria. Am opposed to Obama's original plan especially when he laid it out in detail for the enemy. Listened to Graham/McCain today and i find that i agree with them.I don't like it but it's the hand we're dealt. The Senators made several good points: Obama could have stepped up to the plate 2 yrs ago. As he did with the people's uprising in Iran-he stood by. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Terrible.

Now he's let the Assad regime goes as far as they have and made the red line comment.He put it out there if chemical weapons were used that is where we would draw the line. If we do nothing Assad probably wins the war and stays in power. He's backed by Iran and Russia. We lose credibility and threats to Iran will be useless. Obama was thinking you could negotiate with Iran re their nuclear program.i doubt it.

Now we take on Syria or we retreat.I'm not crazy about it-we're all war weary. There's just bad people in the world-some very evil. Assad is one of them.We're not really going to war. The real battle is on the ground. I think we will only be aiding the Free Syrian Army and hoping for the best. I would definitely pray! I also hope Obama would do this for all the right reasons.Then what happens,happens. It is most likely out of our hands.

Source: Day of Prayer

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