Wednesday, September 4, 2013


i actually agree with Sen John McCain despite some of the objections i've heard about a military strike. We know this much.

  • 1. Iran/Russia are backing Syria. Any attack on Syria is an attack on Iran..If we don't do anything the signal to Iran is that we're weak and we probably won't do much but talk about their nuclear program. They will probably believe we're more apt to try and negotiate with them. Iran is not interested in negotiating other than buying time.
  • 2. I've heard that we don't know who the rebels are.Yes,we do and the majority are the Free Syrian Army. Yes, there are other elements out there.We also know that we made a commitment to arm the rebels back in June and they haven't received any military equipment whatsoever. This is one of the components McCain had hoped to see in a draft resolution. Assad is armed to the teeth.He could beat down the rebels and stay in power.Of course if the Syrians believe there is going to be a military strike from the U.S.there's a good chance for defections in Assad's military.
  • 3. Assad is not going to worry about a limited strike. If were concerned he would never have used WMD in the first place.
  • Assad will worry if he thinks the strike is a game changer.
  • 4.Obama's foreign policy-or lack of-is a disaster. Has been from the beginning.Anyone who believes you can negotiate with Iran and N Korea has problems.These are people you do not hold hands with and sing kumbaya.The liberal no military force is ever justified part of the Dem party(and that's just about all of them)might have liked it-but in the real world there are just evil people who will pull the wool over the eyes of the naive.Kim Jung Un-like his father- is a loon to boot.You don't reason with crazy people.Can't be done.Most dictators are. He's starving his OWN people.What makes anyone think he's someone you can negotiate with?
  • Rebels in Afghanistan:

    Obama needs to learn a few things.Among those are that as President his biggest responsibility IS foreign policy. It is where the Constitution places most of the decision making;the executive branch. He has to realize that there are people who want to kill us even if you 'play nice.' That is their goal-and their secondary goal is to wipe Israel of the map.

    He also needs to learn that words have meaning. If you say something you'd better mean it. If you do decide to do a military strike you do not tell,leak or telegraph your intentions to the enemy and give them the upper hand. PERIOD.

    You can't run the country or have foreign policy based on campaign speeches. PLS Mr President put up the teleprompter and lead.Everyone said Bush was stupid. I don't care what his IQ was-he exhibited leadership and took responsibility for the decisions he made.

    Here's my problem; i know Obama has no foreign policy. I also know the way he has handled the crisis in Syria(among others)has been shameful. I know a lot of people loathe Obama; I'm one of them. I would not vote against this resolution based on a PERSONAL assessment of Obama. Love him or loathe him it's not about him. The problem with Syria is too serious to involve politics or ideology.

    As i said about our reps when they were voting on the Iraq war was that they should base their decision on one thing and one thing only;what they felt was the right thing to do. Either against or for it but to vote according to what they felt was right.

    I actually heard ppl on facebook-a very few-calling for the impeachment of Obama over 'war crimes.' No the United States did not commit war crimes.Obama hasn't even authorized the use of force yet. The war crimes were committed by ASSAD backed by Iran and Russia. END OF STORY. I can think of several other reasons to bring impeachment proceedings against Obama but this isn't one of them. Ridiculous. As an aside i don't have the time of day for Obama drones who are supporting Obama's attack on Syria just because it's Obama. You vote for it OR against it because your conscience tells you that it's the right thing to do.NOT because your worship his highness.

    Pray for peace,especially for Syria and pray that it's all over soon.

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