Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Catholic Church is....

When you hit the age past the 18-30 yr group you realize 3 things: 1. you are definitely not immortal 2. life does go by quickly,in the blink of an eye. You stop and wonder,where did it go. So you hit the pause and do some assessment.Take stock as it were. 3. it is,what it is and you can't redo or undo.

A big thanks to our folks who sent us to Catholic Grade School and thanks be to God for letting us be born into a Catholic family.

A Catholic education was the best you could get. Let me be honest, even if you weren't the brightest kid in the room(yours truly for instance)you couldn't be in a Catholic school and not gain something. Those values are ingrained even if you go off the rails.

Our parents had many trials,difficulties,crosses in their 60 yr marriage-as well as many good times-but their faith was the core. It was what got them through. It made them stay with it flaws and all. We're going to talk about "Dr" A-blow from Fox News this week because of his recent article re marriage. Boy,does that piece deserve a few words. He not only missed the boat he couldn't find the canoe.

The Church had a beautiful liturgy when my father passed away. Consoling.The Knights of Columbus had a special ceremony at the funeral home. They had his own uniform there.Special. Grateful to them.There is nothing like a beautiful liturgy in the Church whether it's for a wedding or when God calls someone home. The Church is there from the time of your baptism,adoption into the family of God,then the sacrament of marriage.for some the religious life and finally your going home to God.The Church is there for all those bumps along the road and all those joys you experience too. So for those who look at the Church and say she's in turmoil. Or can't see past the scandals. Or try to drum up some controversy in the media let's take a second and think about what the Church has done in each of our lives.

Now that i've been home in the Church for several yrs I'd like to say this about the Catholic Church;as i look back through the past up till NOW.The Catholic Church is a blessing.

You learn the healing power of Jesus in confession. When the priest says those words,I absolve you then your life begins new every time.They have come to our home to give us communion since we have been ill and Father will come to hear confession in our home.I can't be thankful enough for the times our parish priest went to the ER for my husband-sometimes at 3:00 a.m.-and gave him anointing of the sick.

Father sat and talked to us for awhile. He said we should be grateful for each other because God meant for us to be together. I know this-contrary to what "Dr" A-blow said in his Fox News article i have never regretted getting married nor wished it were someone else. Marriage has taught me a great deal,made me consider another person besides myself, learn to give. It has made me honest and given my life grounding. On the other hand it has been emotionally draining. There are times i look at my husband and think that that the expectations of who i thought he was has not met the reality. [We're not wearing rose colored glasses here.]

This is not to say the Church doesn't have its share of problems.However,it's a shame the dissidents and the people who have lapsed can't see what a gift the Church is. I was on that side at one time so this is not being judgmental. It's just time to call it a day people. We need to fight the good fight for a Church we should be grateful for.Jesus gave us His Church. I hate to think this is the best we can do.A little less squabbling folks? PLS,let's accept what the Church teaches. After all,that's what it means to be a faithful Catholic. Remember this is His Church.Jesus did say in order to follow Him we had to pick up our cross.It's not the Flip Wilson church of what's happening now baby.

In light of the article i recently read [citing what people who considered themselves faithful Catholics thought the Church teaches]decided it would be a good time for a Catholic pop quiz.Now one thing the article didn't mention is whether these were Catholics who looked into what the Church teaches or if they were Catholics who now base their beliefs on opinion.The Catholic Church does not teach doctrines based on opinion;you read the article you have to wonder.

Here's a Catholic pop quiz.Give it a go.Sometimes non Catholics seem to know what the Church actually teaches more often than a Catholic does.A few Ez Questions.

  • A Catholic may miss Mass under certain circumstances
  • Under normal circumstances it is a mortal sin to miss Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation.
  • A divorced Catholic may NOT remarry
  • A divorced Catholic may NOT receive Holy Communion
  • Catholics may in good conscience use artificial birth control to prevent conception
  • Abortion is a moral good under some circumstances
  • Abortion is intrinsically evil.Even to vote for a candidate who is known to be pro abortion is a serious matter
  • A Catholic has a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than himself/herself. It is considered a work of mercy
  • Feel free to add comments re your true and false answers.Also remember;the quiz is based on Church Teaching,not opinion.Watch the word NOT too. it can give the question a whole new meaning.

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