Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a picture is worth a 1k words

There is a lot of truth to this old saying.(it's why i use memes). I spend a lot of time going through SACRED images to use.Eastern Icons are usually the ones I use most. Then there are the ones that are just striking.Some more than others.Modern images can be striking but if they don't capture the heart then they are not going to convey the truth as well. It takes forever though to find just that right one.First you have to rush through all the blasphemous pictures trying to avoid them.Words can be disturbing too.There is nothing worse than hearing the Lord's name used in anger as a curse word.Pls.Do not use the name of Jesus for anything but prayer.

Our Lady warned us.Do not offend Our Lord anymore.He is already much offended.Yet, as you look at the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart Devotions(similar in message)it is a heart that loved so much especially those who love Him so little. Every time I go through Bing and see these gaudy and blasphemous images I can't for the life of me figure out why people think they're worth the effort.It's not art and it's not humorous either.

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