Sunday, October 27, 2013


I was going to the kitchen to throw a cup of instant coffee in the microwave when a thought occurred to me.I was saying the morning rosary.The thought was how much faith is a gift from God.Who in their right mind turns down a gift especially if it's priceless and rare.So if one has doubts,one isn't sure or even if one is an atheist you can ask God for the gift.Ask and you shall receive,Jesus said.IF Jesus said it then He will give it. We live in a secular culture. It's difficult to escape.

Our faith is bombarded. We seem to be too intellectual to base anything on faith. We don't have to base a belief in God on faith alone.Reason tells us too that He must exist.The secular culture even tries to get to us that way.Science is making progress.There's no doubt about it but let's not make science our god. It doesn't have all the answers and the answers it does have all point to the existence of a being greater than ourselves. It should make one wary when people are that certain that God does not exist.What makes them so sure?

I asked God to increase my faith on the way to the kitchen.One of those minutes of prayer you can find yourself saying. These are not prayers God will not answer. I then took my blood pressure just to be sure it hadn't skyrocketed.It does that from time to time-no i do NOT have HBP.

It's fine.It's the menneire's combined with an antibiotic. Yes,i have this bizarre disease called Menneire's(I'm not even sure I spell it right). There are a few ppl in our own hometown that also have it. I hear some can't sit up.Some are bed ridden most of the time,which i can understand. So I am getting ready to watch Mass on EWTN.Some day i intend to walk into church again. For now they bring Holy Communion.I can even have confession here. Although not being able to get out of the house makes it a little difficult to do much.Trust me though.There are plenty of sins that can be committed even if you're home bound.

I wanted to write this to encourage anyone who is having doubts or been away from the Church for a very long time-or people who are skeptical of the existence of God-to come back to the Church. Begin with Confession.Nothing to be afraid of.It's a way to begin again. Now i have to go and the menneire's is really acting up so it's probably better to watch Mass and then take it easy for awhile.It's the hope that if you take it easy the symptoms won't get too bad.This week we have to get the packing on the ball,pay the appraisal fee and get a date for our closing.We may be moving into our very first home soon! Will post photos and maybe a movie when the time comes. Can't wait.

May God Bless you today and May Our Blessed Mother Comfort you in your trials and difficulties

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