Sunday, October 27, 2013


We swore up and down when we moved here(renters)we would never move again.Well,never say never. We were contacted by a gentleman at a financial company who told me he'd get back to me when rates dropped. True to his word,he did just that. We were given a pre approval letter and went to look at a house. Actually 3,but the first one had us from the minute we walked in. We have so far signed the purchase agreement,gotten a quote on home owners insurance(we're going to get it)and are now waiting to pay the appraisal fee.

I also made my husband promise we would put a statue of the Blessed Virgin in our front yard when the time comes and we have a few extra dollars.I will hold him to his word.

I have added a donate button for Fundly in the sidebar on the right. We may need a few extra dollars to wrap up the home purchase. We think 300.So far fundly has not worked out as well as they advertise. We have 0 donations and 1 supporter(myself).We may be the first at fundly to set such a record.I think we can manage without it but it's going to be a tough go.

The main reason we are moving is the rent plus the rise in utilities and the fact that our landlord-though he's a terrific guy-has to raise it again next to cover his taxes.We all have bills to pay. We just can't manage it anymore.I don't see prices coming down anytime soon either.The mortgage on the home is LESS than our rent and that includes taxes and insurance.

The reason I went online to seek donations is that everything has been covered so far except a few bills we need to clean up including a medical for 150.00.As close as we are to the final step and the closing I would hate to think it falls through.On the other hand if it's meant to be and for our betterment sure it will.I know mom put a good word in for us when we moved into this home.I have the feeling she has put another good word in for us re the next home.So far everything has just fallen into place. The stress is something else though and I'm sure the sellers are feeling it as well.They've already moved into their new home and I'm sure they don't want to be paying 2 mortgages any longer than they have to.

We will spend this week doing the packing.Dread. We have a little head start since we never unpacked everything from the last move.You know,maybe NOT unpacking everything is really not a bad idea. All i have to do now is mark them so i know what's what this time.The paper pile up is a nightmare.It begs for a filing cabinet. I thought computers were supposed to eliminate all of that?

The good news is that we're not doing a mad rush like we did when we moved in here.We had to do it in one day to avoid another rents payment on our previous rental because we also had first months rent and security deposit to pay on this place.Things moved along so well with the home purchase we have weeks to spare.The sooner we've moved the better though especially for the seller.Winter IS coming and we had our first snow.

If you stop by here to read and you have 1.00 you could donate we'd appreciate it.If not,pls keep us in your prayers at least.Will post photos of the home when we're moved in.

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