Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peace and Quiet

Did I say I would have a better chance to write a blog entry today because of peace and quiet? It didn't happen. In fact I was tied up more today than usual. Might have some good news soon though. The sad news is that husband's son had to leave today. Hard to take. He's a wonderful kid and I know his dad will miss him.He'll be back next spring but when you're waiting for someone it seems like forever.

Gloomy day. The weather was wet,cloudy,raining and chilly too so it added to the sadness in seeing his son leave. Husband also has dr appointment tomorrow. It seems like that's all he does anymore.One dr after another and still in the same condition.Some things worse-some things better.

It's late and we both have to get up tomorrow. While he's off to his appointment THEN I'll have some peace and quiet and do the blog entry I should have done today.

For now God bless and our Blessed Mother comfort you in your daily trials and troubles.

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