Friday, November 1, 2013

Social Justice.As defined in Catholic teaching

Unfortunately a lot of people believe that what the Catholic Church teaches re social justice is the equivalent to what social justice means in our contemporary political terms.

Not so.

Progressives have co-opted the word & twisted its meaning to suit their agenda.

One of the key terms in Catholic social teaching is subsidiary.

Basically this means aide and comfort to the less fortunate is neighbor to neighbor then local.It goes up the chain.Not down. Jesus called ALL of us to help the less fortunate. He asks each of us to care for our neighbors out of charity(agape,love). Jesus never said to turn it over to the state and force people to give to a program. For one,that's not charity.It's definitely not what He meant.Jesus wasn't about programs,political parties or governments.He was single minded regarding the Kingdom of God. Does government have a role? Of course. This is where progressives really get it wrong. Draft:::..

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