Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This could be the day!

I've been tracking my computer at Fed Ex and if the weather doesn't prevent it-looks like computer could arrive today! The only thing missing from the shipment is the mouse. For some reason it's still in processing. I may have to send husband on a mission to our local Walmart and just pick up a mouse and cancel the one from the Walmart site. I have everything ready to do go for the computer except the mouse. Not going to let that hold it up. Be a shame. Now i will have available time.Something i was a little short on.Sometimes I just could not get on at a certain time and that made it difficult. No word on the blogging job. I have written several emails. No replies. If he doesn't answer by the end of Dec this will have to be one of those thanks for nothing occasions. I feel pretty duped but hey I had to try. More on that later. Pls be cautious today if you're traveling.You will all be in my prayers. Much to be Thankful for, [including the computer on the way] :)

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