Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Open Letter to Our Holy Father,Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father, greetings from the United States. I'm not sure how I worked up the audacity to put up an open letter on my blog but I felt the need to write this. I know the disparity your saw in your own country of Argentina between the poor and the rich. I don't know how familiar you are with the economic situation in the United States but suffice it to say we too have our poor. According to our government standards my husband and I are in that group of people.I will tell you this:we are NOT poor. Our supposed poverty is the least of my worries.
We have a terrible cultural battle waging here.It is the battle between good and evil. We have a President and a large part of our population now supporting same sex marriage, abortion,contraception and basically push our youth into promiscuous behavior. I don't watch television but for 2 networks.EWTN and the News(sometimes the weather)because much if it is nothing but filth. They call it art.It's filth.
Christians in general are under attack and the Catholic Church in particular. We make small strides now and then against the culture of death.It's not easy. I know you said we should not 'obsess' about these matters.Here we have no choice.We're either going to win this battle against the culture of death in the United States or we are going to lose it.
We have politicians here who claim to be Catholic yet reject Catholic teaching on these matters.Worse 50% of Catholics voted for pro abortion,same sex marriage, tax payer funded abortion/contraception when they voted for our President fighting the Church on these matters all the way. The media here is on their side.So are our institutions such as education.People are going to court over these matters because their freedom of religion and conscience is threatened.
As for myself i am nether Democrat or Republican. I am neither liberal or conservative.I am Catholic FIRST. I can tell you that its not a matter of being obsessed.It's a matter of people being led astray,attacking the Church and us trying to evangelize in a country that is hostile to the message. >Of course we care for the poor and yes we could do more. ON the other hand when you're watching genocide of the unborn on a massive scale and our youth being encouraged to live a free and unfettered lifestyle that is immoral it's a little hard to make poverty a priority.You hardly stand a chance to even be born,let alone born into poverty. I do understand what you were saying though and took it to heart.
Of course social issues such as poverty matter a great deal. Here in the United States that is an issue in itself. My concern here is more with how the media is putting out their perception of your Holiness to suit their agenda.I know you don't intend that and they would do this no matter what but we-the faithful laity-need a lifeline.What a disorienting moment we live in.
We are blessed to have SOME Bishops and Cardinals willing to take the unpopular stands and speak from the pulpit.Others-dead silence.Thank God for EWTN! It is orthodox and not afraid to take on these difficult issues. You would almost have to live in the United States to get a real sense of the situation.Some Catholics are frightened,others confused,some angry. We genuinely love our Catholic faith and Holy Father.It is an anchor for the times we live in. However, being told we're obsessed may be true to a certain extent but it may be true with good reason and has some of the battle weary discouraged.
I know from the moment you stepped out on the balcony the weight of the Petrine office fell on you.You asked for prayers. We certainly are and will.We dearly love you Holy Father.Your joy is evident and we need to catch some of that in the United States.I just hope you will consider the reality we face here in the United States.You have to experience it to understand how grave it really is.
God bless you and love you.We do! (name with-held.It's a public blog.I only give out such information privately).

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