Sunday, December 22, 2013


Maybe you've done this too of late.Do you wonder how on earth Barack Obama could have gotten elected? Do you wonder how the garbage we see on tv slid by everyone,when there was a time the media was fairly decent? Can you believe the huge controversy over a man expressing religious beliefs and point of view? Now we have a celebrity weighing in on this controversy.I ask myself;why does he matter? He insulted the man as if people who are not in his clique of people are backwards and stupid.
The big question i have is how people who call themselves Catholic could vote Obama,support abortion, have no problem with contraception or same sex marriage? My next question is this;if you can't accept Catholic doctrine at all why are you Catholic? For that matter,why are you calling yourself Catholic?
Have we forgotten the existence of evil? I don't know how.It's all around us. The secular culture owns our institutions,media,education and now political office where they directly affect all of us.Have we forgotten the words we say at Mass? Christ has died,Christ has risen,CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN.Maybe we are the people outside the ark?
We believe in God which means we believe in heaven.Let's not forget then that there is also a hell.
Now Christians are not the kind of people who will beat you into submission.We don't terrorize people so they are frightened into becoming Catholic. Besides that's not conversion;that's coercion and it doesn't change people at all. The doors of the Catholic Church have been wide open to sinners from the beginning.Jesus didn't come for the healthy.He came for the sick.That's us. The Divine Mercy Devotion is Jesus offering His unfathomable mercy to the worst of sinners. The Sacred Heart Devotion reflects on the love Jesus has for each and every one of us.We can go to Jesus through Mary. The Sacrament of Confession is for the forgiveness of sins and we walk out brand new every time.Still,we can't be Catholic and reject every teaching of the Church because it doesn't fit in with the secular culture. There comes a point when we have to make a conscious and willing decision to accept the teachings if we have been turning our backs on it.There is such a thing as an obstinate refusal to accept the truth.It matters.

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