Friday, December 20, 2013

Open Letter To "Bernie" Goldberg

Strange Mr Goldberg.Anytime you were on the O Reilly Factor i had to tune in.I even grabbed your LSM acronym for the media. Loved it.Now tonight you claimed the Bible was ignorant because some people who write you take a literal interpretation of the Bible in a few instances where it is not literal. The earth is billions of years old.The Bible is not a scientific work. It's the inspired Word of God and it's meant to convey truths to all the ages. Inspiration does not mean dictation.If God had intended to do that He would simply have handed them a book.
The Catholic Church discerned the inspired books of scripture and its canon.Before anyone goes too crazy over that comment keep in mind the Protestant movement REMOVED books of scripture. But i digress. The point is, the book of Genesis conveys truths written by the people of that time from an oral tradition. Genesis tell us this: God created the universe. He created man(Male and Female)in His image and likeness. God is outside of time and space. Six days is six days to us as we understand it but God is outside of time.He is omnipresent,omniscient,omnipotent.Time is a human construct given to us by God. Jesus entered time and space-the Incarnation.Genesis teaches us many things but not as a scientific work.
To get some perspective on the Lord's Day,the day God "rested" I highly recommend reading John Paul II's encyclical Dies Domini.
I wouldn't go so far as to call these people ignorant. Do they have a college degree? Nope. Have they spent years in a seminary studying theology and scripture? Nope. Was Phil correct in most of what he said? Definitely.Did he have the right to say what he did?Sure did and yes it's constitutionally protected.
Freedom of religion and speech.Ok.A&E is a corporation and they have certain rights but let's be honest.Glaad bullied them and they caved. Let's also be honest and admit that A&E is secular and doesn't have the time of day for religious beliefs
They're about making money.You can also be sure that Glaad and a host of other groups(like the entertainment industry in Hollywood)would give anything to shut down all expression of Christian religious beliefs. They want Christians to settle for freedom of worship. Another words you can believe as you like as long as you do it behind closed doors. Now let me finish spelling this out for you.God never said the earth was not billions of years old. God did make it clear that marriage was to be between one man/one woman for life.
Phil also quoted scripture where it says that certain groups will not inherit the Kingdom. That's not Phil condemning people to hell. That's scripture saying so and so will not inherit the Kingdom.What Phil didn't mention is that we are ALL called to repent and that includes people involved in drunkenness,fornication etc. If they repent,convert and give it up anything is possible with God. If they persist in those things and are not willing to give them up that's another matter.I don't know who is or is not going to do that so I leave the management to God. However,Phil was correct in pointing it out-from time to time we need reminded that there is such a thing as sin.As good and evil. I wouldn't call that ignorance.
Finally Mr Goldberg i think Christians have had enough.We have a lot of offensive and outright immoral and disgusting things shoved on us.We're called bigots and intolerant because we believe these things are wrong.Tolerance does not mean tolerate evil.That's not tolerance,that's permissiveness.There's a difference. We live in a country that was founded on religious principles whether people want to admit it or not.We're being told to keep it out of the public square. That's freedom of worship and that's not the right that is protected.It's FREEDOM OF RELIGION. We don't mind being mocked,made fun of,called ignorant etc. Trust me,there's plenty of that.Lately the secular humanists are trying to silence Christians. Here we have to 'draw the line.' [Draw the line-an expression right from scripture.The 'handwriting on the wall' also from scripture] What Phil said was not reprehensible. It was blunt but not reprehensible. i honestly can't figure out why you're so angry with the man.
Nuff said Mr Goldberg.

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