Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special Request

I would like to ask those who stop here to offer up an intercessory prayer to Bishop Fulton Sheen.This prayer is for a little boy who has a very aggressive brain tumor and has been sent home to hospice. Here is the message.The names are removed for their confidentiality:
The family is hoping desperately for a miracle. They are getting set up with hospice to come to the house once he's released from the hospital. I believe in miracles,____, but they seem to be rare occurrences. But yes, we'll continue to pray, of course. They do happen.
One thing to add to your prayers please is that if God does not grant a miracle,____ does not pass on Thanksgiving or Christmas or until after the season is over, for the sake of his parents and two younger brothers. God Bless You
I also have 2 other prayer requests. Here I would ask you to ask for the intercessory prayer of St Joseph. We are trying to get financing for a home.It will be our very first home. It's smaller than the rental we live in;but there are only 2 of us and it's all we need. There is still a guest room for company. It's in great condition and has a terrific back yard.Yes, we have SOME yard here but most of it is cement and a driveway next door. It's a commercial residence; the parking would be mostly for customers. It's nice to have the extra parking space but not necessary.Plus we have a boxer. I think he'd like the yard better. The mortgage payment would save us financially.It's less than the rent and that includes the taxes and insurance. It will take nothing short of miracle for us to be approved. I would be content to stay where we are if we have to. On the other hand it's a terrific deal and less monthly payment.
The other prayer request is for our aide. She is searching for her sister.They were separated at a very young age.I am hoping they can be reunited for Christmas this year. Her website is here with her story->
Please say a very special prayer for my family. We have a lot of old wounds that have never healed.We all need prayer.I will keep all of you in mine.

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