Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good news(just a little overwhelmed)

I want to thank St Joseph for his intercession in this matter. Also mom and dad.I think all of them put a good word in for us.We are moving into our new home on Feb 1st. Am overwhelmed. A lot to do yet.I know we have 30 days and that seems like a very long time-but looking around here and knowing what's ahead it feels like a crunch.I will be glad when we're done.It's also the dead of winter.It's not going to be fun.
Thankful though.Very thankful.My brother is still on vacation-the kids don't go back to school yet(he's a teacher).I'll be glad when he's back in his home city at this point.There is a major blizzard going on. When one airline cancels it(no pun intended)snow balls.They may very well ALL be shut down and backed up from one end of the U.S. to the other.I worry. It's my middle name but if i didn't care-wouldn't worry.
We're thinking of having an open house but I'm thinking more of waiting for a few months.We could at least wait till the spring thaw.
Very excited.I think even my husband is a little excited. He's not saying it but I can tell. Cleaning,cleaning,cleaning...then packing,packing,packing.
Meantime have been keeping up with the news.I am so tired of liberals thinking Pope Francis is liberal.I'm not going to get into it tonight; but you can be sure, when things slow down a tad around here, I'm going to bring it up. Also,friend from Florida called.Am so happy for him and his family too.They are also getting their own home.Isn't that terrific?!!! They're upsizing.We're downsizing.Both homes are very nice. Will have to get some photos when the dust settles.
Again,thank you St Joseph.Patron of the blog. Thank you very much. Thanks be to God.Thank you mom and dad.Love you!

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