Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Non Servium II

Thomas Aquinas wrote about the transcendentals of unity, goodness,truth and beauty. God's creation before the fall would have those properties.[The Catholic Church teaches that God IS Truth, Goodness,Beauty and Unity.] Lucifer rejected God meaning Lucifer rejected unity,goodness,truth and beauty. Lucifer rejected love. The outcome would be chaos and division(as opposed to unity), evil,lies and ugliness. Sin is an abuse of the good [gifts]God gave man. Any sin twists the good purposes of God's creation.Scripture tells us that Satan was BOTH a liar AND murderer from the beginning. Man was given free will-it was misused when they failed to trust their own Creator.The promise of Satan was that they would become like gods. It wasn't necessary. Adam and Eve were made in the image and likeness of God Himself.Satan also tempted Adam and Eve by promising they would know(as in experience,not knowledge)good and evil.Again,it wasn't necessary to know evil. They were innocent. Finally,Satan was making God out to be a liar.God could not lie.He gave Adam and Eve life.Another words,God had no reason to lie and they had no reason to accept that He did.Male and female gave themselves to each other as gifts in the marital union-the two became one flesh. After man's fall they were inclined to lust and a mistrust of each other. Cain became jealous and murdered his own brother. Satan was a liar; he made a claim to Adam and Eve that wasn't true knowing that sin and DEATH would enter the world.
If you consider Satanism or the COS and what it stands for I'm not sure why you would even need to organize such a group since sin would lead you to believe the tenets anyway.You would also be inclined to live out those tenets. It blows the idea of Satanism has kept Christianity going.The goal of Christianity is to have people repent of sin. If people turn from sin it doesn't make Christianity irrelevant. It achieves the good purposes of God.
Satanism to me sounds like a codified system of self absorption and narcissism and the no 1 guy in that department is Satan;whether you call it Satanism or not.It's the same promise that Satan gave Adam and Eve. You will BECOME gods. We're made in the image and likeness of God. God offers a share in His divinity.Satanism isn't going to get us from point A to point B.
IF we were really going to sum it up it would go like this.God created male and female in His image and likeness.They were innocent.They had unity with God and each other. His Creation was an act of love. Enter Satan seeking revenge and his first act is to bring death to mankind but to make it appealing.Dress it up with a lie.Nothing new under the sun. Reader's Digest version.As for the statue the COS group wants to display? I'm just not surprised this group wants to put their statue next to the 10 commandments.
Can they do it? I can't say how it will work out. The smiling children part is a little bizarre. I don't think too many kids are going to run up to some statue with a nasty looking goat head. Is there a purpose? If there is,I'm missing it.If it's not a religion then I don't get that they want to put it up under the Constitutional protection of freedom of religion.If they are a religion then the purpose is? I understand they're not from Oklahoma.I would have to take it they're trying to make a statement.And the statement is?
Tomorrow;the beauty of saying I will serve and obedience to God.I'll throw in my .02 worth on why the angels rebelled.

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