Wednesday, April 23, 2014

9 Days That Changed The World

I watched it today on EWTN.The second or third time i've seen it. Never tire of watching this extraordinary documentary from Newt and Callista Gingrich.I'll have to include a link to where you can order it if you like.There will be a second presentation (the full documentary)on Thur Apr 24-TOMORROW-at 10:00 pm EST. If it doesn't begin right at 10:00 pm i am certain it will be at 10:30. I would tune in at 10:00 pm [EST ]to be sure!
The Huffington Post put up a horrible piece on the canonization. It basically said the interest of the Polish people in the canonization of their native son and Holy Father has waned. We shall see on the day Blessed John Paul IS raised to the altars. I think the people of Poland know what Blessed John Paul II meant to them. The people at the Huff Post did not live under Nazism or Communism and something tells me they're clueless about the history.There is no real journalism today. They lack integrity and objectivity altogether. It's about an agenda.
Here is the link to 9 Days That Changed the World. For people who don't care for Newt the candidate,politician or Congressman forget about that. It's an excellent production in its own right. Worth watching, for the historical content alone.From Newt Productions

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