Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NYT Dowd

I read Maureen Dowd's oped piece in the NYT. I was livid,disappointed, infuriated. For a Pulitzer Prize winning writer i was sure she could do better. The one thing i did take away-learned from the piece-was she has a deep seated hatred of the Catholic Church.(She sounds like an ex Catholic who has fallen into secular humanism.I could be wrong). It has nothing to do with the abuse scandal other than taking the opportunity to attack Saint John Paul II.I talked with my non Catholic(evangelical)friend about this and he reminded me;people who made statements like John Paul II would be hated. He didn't mention JPII specifically;he meant generally. It was a good point to remember. I just wish it didn't pass for honest journalism when someone takes a personal vendetta and covers it up as journalism. "JP" is one of my best online friends and for someone who is not Catholic we agree more often than not.Ironic that his initials are "JP". I doubt this has ever dawned on him.

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