Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Word Press

I've been at my word press blog for the past month. I do like blogger but there are some features at WP that just make it easier to use.
I have found here that i have to use blockquote to break the entries up into paragraphs. The images usually have to be resized. However,i started here first and feel badly that i haven't put as much time into it as i have the WP blog.
I also found another blogger who uses the nabble platform for a forum here. I didn't know that could be done. If it's possible will be adding nabble and see if we can get some activity going.
The one thing i miss in writing a blog is the lack of interacting with other people. The canonization of Blessed John Paul II and John XXIII is approaching fast now .Anyone going?
Thoughts? Think John Paul II will ever be named a doctor of the Church? I hope that he and Pope Emeritus Benedict are BOTH named Doctors of the Church. That would give us 35.
I know Pope Gregory the Great is a Doctor. I can't recall if any other popes were given the title.

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