Monday, December 1, 2008

All welcome to join us

We don't care what religion you are(if any);we just want you to join in opposing the pro abortion agenda of Barrack Obama.

He is going to lift ALL restrictions and abortions will go through the roof.As if they're not already!!

This amounts to abortion on demand.Plus he is going to lift the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. There have been no cures from this particular research.NONE,NADA,ZIP. All this will do is permit them to use tax payers money to pay for the research!! This could even encourage selling embryos. You have to understand that we DO NOT OPPOSE STEM CELL RESEARCH!!! NOT AT ALL!!

You have to understand that there is more than one type.We encourage,promote and support Adult and Umbilical Stem Cell Research.And there have been very impressive results from this type of stem cells.I will put up an article explaining stem cell research.It is embryonic stem cell research that is one step in cloning;but ppl do not know this!

Please join our forum.We are working very hard to increase our membership;and we will be working very hard to oppose Obama on his abortion agenda.Supported by Planned Parenthood Obama intends to keep his word because he owes them.

They support abortion because you can be sure there is monetary(money)reward in it for them!!

I will be posting video to prove Obama's connections to this group beyond a shadow of a doubt.He makes no apologies for this connection so you don't have to take my word for it.He's not denying it.
They contributed tons of money to his campaign!

Here is our forum!!!
Join us soon.

Also pls consider signing this petition.It won't take a min of your time!

Pass both of these onto as many ppl as possible.

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