Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it just seems like a very cold day

Pres Bush returned to Dallas.Obama was sworn in. At least the campaign is over and the transition is done. Another day of all that i would have been crazy.But today was the culmination of much hype. I feel thankful to live in a country with such a peaceful transfer of power.I can say that much.But other than that it just seems like a very cold day. One thing Pres Bush said that gives me some hope.The days are long,but the years go fast.I hope so.
I set up a blog for a friend.He will write some good material.I know it.Our forum in honor of Pres Bush has opened.
It is called AN HONORABLE MAN.
I worked on that. In addition opened a small simple blog somewhere. Going to throw quick notes in that one.
Maybe some photos as well.
Had to put up some info at our Catholic forum and the same info at our Pro Life forum.
I ought to check into facebook. Haven't been there since yesterday.

Intend to say rosary tonight,watch Threshold of Hope.Stop by our chat (11 pm)and see if anyone is around.This is a bit late but there may be someone there. I might have to catch Portia another day.
Wed. i have to go my mother's.This will be hard. I do not feel well.
If it's as bad tomorrow as tonight i may beg off and stay home.Will see.
Maybe after all the hoopla the reality of the man,Obama,will set in to people.Maybe the reality of the Oval office will set into him.I doubt it.
Maybe neither will happen. All i know is that it seems like like a very cold day.

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