Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Catholic Vote

The elections for Congress are coming up soon and these elections are too imiportant to ignore.

This is why the post is titled The Catholic Vote.Unfortunately many Catholics(not all though)leave their faith off at the voting booth.Catholic suddenly doesn't matter.We'll take this up in another post.Why it matters.

Some think that their position on abortion is a matter of opinion.It's not.We,as Catholics,must accept the teachings of the Church.

1. abortion is intrinsically evil

2 we must respect life from conception to natural death.

These are not negotiable.

Marriage is defined as the union of male/female for life in the sacrament of marriage in the Church and as male/female for life through natural law.

This is also a non negotiable.

We identify ourselves as Catholic for a reason.I know there are Catholic politicians who cause scandal.People who openly support abortion and then talk out of both sides of their mouth.

Nancy Pelosi is one of those.

She's an embarrasment,or should be,to all Catholics.

I,for one,will not vote for any candidate unless they are consistently and honestly pro life.

If there's no choice then we must choose the candidate who isn't going to do as much damage.
To this day i'm not sure how Obama got support from Catholics.

Let me say this;Glenn Beck had a terrific program Friday on the rise of Hitler. Most of us don't believe such a thing could ever happen here.Do you really believe the people of Germany-a cutlured society at the time-thought they were electing a mad man who would commit genocide and persecute the Church?

Half the pop of Germany voted for him out of patriotism;the other their pocket books because the economy had collapsed.Obama is a SOCIALIST.This is unacceptable.

He has no respect for religious freedom;much less Christianity and is in total opposition to al that the Catholic Church teaches and must be beleived by Catholics.When you go to the polls vote with your values. Had the people of Germany done that they would never have elected Hitler.

Obama must be stopped and this is going to be one of the most important elections of our lifetime.We have to stop his agenda.We now have a chance to set things straight after the terrible mistake of electing this man.

The upcoming election-just days from now- will determine the direction our country takes;SOCIALISM OR REPUBLIC.



Let's be a people of life...CHOOSE LIFE.

Our Blessed Mother is the patroness of the United States under the title of her Immaculate Conception

.Let's not forget this!Pray that our brothers and sisters will be enlightened.Pray for all of America.

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