Thursday, September 23, 2010

Election Coming Soon

The GOP rolled out their Pledge To America today and of course the left jumped on it.First they slammed the Rep for not having a platform and now they criticize them because they do.
The Pledge was terrific. It didn't go into Social issues a great deal but did include those the country could be united on.
A perm law against fed funding of abortion is a good step and one MOST people can agree upon.
Small steps are better than none.
I am also so sick and tired of Obama anyway.We can only HOPE the Rep party wins a majority and by some miracle in the House and Senate both.We're on the verge of economic collapse and people know it.
Our national security is at risk because Obama is so naive-not to mention full of himself.
He hasn't gotten the message so far.Losing the House and Senate would be a definite wake up call.
That is the REAL DEAL.No one can afford not to vote this time and sit back hoping everyone else will.We have too much at stake ppl.

Did you hear Obama asking the churches to promote his health care? Newsflash;the Catholic Church is not in the business of promoting the agenda of any Pres.They're hear to convict the faithful with the words of Pope Benedict the XVI.
Not any President from any party much less a President who so supports abortion, would not attend the Prayer Breakfast he was invited to and who said people from Pennsylvania "cling to God." Nice try Mr Obama.
He even attacked Catholic hospitals.I swore i heard liberals whining about separation of church and state;now they're the first to defend the mosque at ground zero and churches supporting health care.They've had an epiphany.
Later Mr Obama.I support the Pledge To America. We're sick of your lectures. You didn't listen to us.Now we don't have to listen to you.

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