Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yes, i vanished from this blog.Not quite. I decided after the C-Pac convention some months ago to support Herman Cain for Pres. on the Republican ticket.The more read about this man and began to follow him the MORE convinced i became that this man is our best choice for President. Believe me up until this point i had a short list but no real clear idea of one candidate i i really wanted to vote for.Now it's not just a matter of wanting to vote for Herman Cain-it has become what can i do to support Herman Cain? I don't take this decision lightly. I jump on no one's bandwagon without doing alot of homework. Herman Cain is definitely pro life. Now i know there will be people who will criticize this position in any number of ways but who in their right mind would NOT be pro life? Herman Cain also has a respect for the American people.The people who have been left out of the loop so to speak.He also challenges the American people to stay involved,stay informed and stay inspired. We have to become active participants in our own governance. He knows that you have to have a President wiling to listen to the American ppl too. We don't need someone we think will walk on water. We're voting for a Pres. He doesn't make infallible pronouncements. He's not perfect. We can possibly agree on every single issue. We just want someone that is qualified and WILL protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.There are other qualities we can take into consideration and those may be even more important. How about integrity? Connects with the American people? Honesty? Willing to work hard? Understands the role of government. Look at the company a person keeps,their life experiences and their basic philosophy about life. Those things ARE important. We don't just get on the bandwagon because the party letter is in front of someone's name. Ron Paul is out. He's a libertarian with an R in front of his name. He is is just another liberal. Perry and Romney are repackaged politicians.If i wanted more of the same i would vote for them. Had enough. There are so many good videos of Herman Cain it was hard to pick just one but i'll go with this and add a few more later: Biography: # Former Chairman and President of the Tax Leadership Council, the public educational component of Americans for Fair Taxation # Past Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association (1994-1995), and former full time CEO and President of the Association (1996-1999) # Member of The National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (1995), chaired by former Republican Vice-presidential candidate, Jack Kemp # Serves on the Boards of Directors of AGCO, Inc., Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Hallmark Cards Inc., Whirlpool, Inc., and Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia # Recipient of eight Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Morehouse College, New York City Technical College; Suffolk University, Johnson & Wales University, Creighton University, Purdue University, Tougaloo College and the University of Nebraska # Recipient of a 1996 Horatio Alger Award and the 1991 International Foodservice Manufacturers Association's Operator of the Year/Gold Plate Award # Graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics in 1967. Earned his Master's Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 1971 # Author of four books, Leadership Is Common Sense (1997), Speak As A Leader (1999), CEO of SELF (October, 2001), and They Think You're Stupid (May, 2005) # A native and current resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Married for over 40 years with two adult children and three grandchildren

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