Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When It's Over

I will be extremely glad when the election is over-at least when the race is over. I don't like the process.It's insane. Then you have to count on the majority of people to pick the right person. People will vehemently disagree with each other as to who that right candidate is. I remind people we're not picking a pope. The president is not infallible. He can make mistakes.A candidate can put out gaffes as their called. Most of these don't amount to much.A lot of them could be avoided with a quick fact check.The American people get onto different issues too. How do you appeal to enough of a majority to get elected without selling your soul or making a single mistake.One thing you say may be acceptable to one group of ppl and offend another.I'm not sure why we have to pick someone who has to agree with us 100% of the time on 100% of the issues.Like i said,its' a crazy process. We have straw polls. We have debates. We talk to like minded and not like minded people. The GOP elites do their coronation and the DNC does theirs. Last time around i ran into PUMA's who swore up and down they would never vote for Obama. Sure. They did. They all got on the party bandwagon. Not to worry.This attack doesn't relate to the Democrats alone. Republicans do it too.
Herman Cain should appeal to Catholics and evangelicals both. Herman Cain should even appeal to Independents and SOME Democrats. If i were the Democrats i'd get on a winning team because it's not going to be Obama unless some miracle takes place and i don't think he has any coming.

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