Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet and Greet,Hello from the blogger

thought it might be a good time to introduce ourselves to each other.

So here goes nothing on this end:

  • female
  • almost a sr citizen,grandmother of 2,one Navy guy and one step son
  • BAPTIZED Catholic
  • married
  • pro life
  • one fantastic brother
  • I have meniere's which can be very miserable(we won't go there). It can be life changing but it's not life threatening.

    I am a baptized Catholic.Always Catholic? We had a word back when for people who didn't practice their faith. LAPSED. Did i leave the Church for a non Catholic denomination? No.Try hedonism. I thought "fun" was the way to go.It's called seeking pleasure for a reason. It can't be satisfied. There is no end to the seeking. All you can do is seek.

    How could this happen? I was baptized Catholic. Attended Catholic school. Had great parents and they were devout Catholics. I attribute it first to the sin of Pride. I am convinced all sin begins there. Immaturity didn't help. There were a number of reasons-or to be more honest faults of my own- but it all began with pride. Unfortunately when you are this self centered and your life goal is to have fun there is not a lot of room in your life for the people God has entrusted to you. It's not that you don't care at all but they become little corners for the frame of your life.It's ALL about you.That's exactly where i was.So when someone defends moral relativism by saying it hurts no one they don't fool me. Behavior has consequences.

    Now the question is; what to attribute the return to the Catholic Church to? God's grace and mercy.That answer is not difficult at all.I came back before the scandals broke and people might ask, didn't the scandals shake you faith? Not at all. Priests sin.The Bishops sin.Even the Pope sins. We pray at Mass with the priest,"Look not on our sins,but on the faith of your Church..." Now that I'm back i make a point of knowing what the Church teaches.I am trying to deepen my prayer life. It's not the same as that first aha moment and sometimes I don't feel very close to God. It's a good thing it's not based on feelings.It's based on TRUST.He's God. I'm not.God is always very close.As close as we'll let Him be. I didn't get a set of wings and a halo. Sometimes there are difficulties piled upon difficulties and I want to run from these crosses. We want to follow Christ but we can be reluctant to pick up the cross and follow Him.It is my greatest weakness.Remember i was the person who believed it was all about fun. I also have to keep an eye peeled for pride and self centeredness. I could easily fall into the trap of thinking i am finally where i am supposed to be and start patting myself on the back.

    I just hope to remain grateful.

    Now if you're a lapsed Catholic please come home. Feel free to talk about it.Your story doesn't have to be mine.There are reasons from a-z that people leave the Church.It's home. Jesus is here. He waits. If you're a non Catholic THINKING about coming into the Church but there are still obstacles we can talk about them. If you're even thinking of leaving the Church please get in touch. I would be glad to spend some time listening to your concerns-but hold off for now. If you want to know why I'm Catholic and will remain Catholic just ask. It's going to take some time. I run into anti Catholics who will often use the scandals to attack the Church.Please if you're one of these I am not going to get into a battle on the matter. I can present the facts. I won't run from them but i don't like the feeling i get from some that it's not really concern for the victims at all. It's more about taking down the Church. I know this.Jesus died to redeem the WHOLE world.

    Now,feel free to introduce yourself :)

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