Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shocked by Obama

The News Report:

The Obama administration has taken sides in a significant new test case on the separation between church and state,[we're going to discuss the "separation clause" sometime this week] urging the Supreme Court to allow prayers at the beginning of government meetings. The administration lays out its arguments in a newly filed amicus brief in Town of Greece v. Galloway, a case that questions whether the prayer practices at town council meetings of a small town in upstate New York violate the First Amendment. The case could drastically expand the types of legislative prayer practices considered constitutional. Greece, New York, with its approximately 94,000 residents, has a five-member Town Board that conducts official town business at monthly public meetings. Before 1999, the board opened these meetings with a moment of silence. In 1999, the board’s supervisor changed the practice and started inviting local clergy to offer an opening prayer.

Source: The Reality Check

The Obama administration argued,

"Where, as here, legislative prayers neither proselytize nor denigrate any faith, the inclusion of Christian references alone does not constitute an impermissible advancement or establishment of religion. So long as the goal of the government-backed prayer is not to recruit believers or criticize a given faith then the practice should be supported. Neither federal courts nor legislative bodies are well suited to police the content of such prayers, and this Court has consistently disapproved of government interference in dictating the substance of prayers".

I scratched my head and wondered,what is the motive of the administration? This is not like Obama.He has been hostile towards religion from the day he was sworn in and shown absolute antipathy towards the Catholic Church. He has shown no regard for freedom of conscience and his Obamacare attacks the Catholic Church directly. So what could he possibly be up to here? You show no regard at all and have an epiphany on one particular case. I'm not buying it.We have to ask.What is it he is up to? Weren't you also shocked? Didn't this seem so UNLIKE him?

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