Monday, November 11, 2013


So much for these Catholic gov. Who are their bishops? Until just recently I had no idea Gov Chris Christie WAS Catholic. Pretty sad when it's hard to tell.

You mean to tell me that these Catholic gov don't know what the Church teaches re homosexual marriage? One of them even said that Pope Francis said it was ok.

Raymond Arroyo of EWTN's World Over news coverage mentioned the Gov and quoted him. I wish now I had written down the name.I will have to do some homework and find out which of these said it.

He couldn't be more misinformed.

The article I'm posting mentions Gov Chris Christie. We know which we way he went.He bowed out and didn't fight it.IMHO Christie wanted to further his political career.Why are these people letting themselves be pressured into caving on a matter the Church has CLEARLY stated is intrinsically evil.They're ignorant of Church teaching? Can't be. If they are they need to get informed. Or are they deliberately ignoring Church teaching to get elected? I figured Christie would. Just one of many reasons I will NOT vote for Gov Christie in either the primary or general election.I am supporting Cl Allen West if he runs.

Here is the article. It is very disturbing.

"Earlier this week, the state of Washington became the seventh in the US to legalize gay marriage after the legislature approved a bill that was introduced and ultimately signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire. Gregoire, a Catholic, had been an opponent of same-sex marriage for years, perhaps for political reasons. She said that her decision \”represent[ed] the culmination of [her] journey\”, where she had struggled with what her faith teaches about marriage. Ultimately she decided that the state did not have a reason to continue discriminating against same-sex couples that wish to marry.
On the other coast, another Catholic governor is struggling with the same issue. New Jersey’s Chris Christie, perhaps positioning himself for a presidential run in 2016, has promised to veto any bill the legislature there passes legalizing gay marriage, and he has suggested that the issue be decided by voters rather than by their elected representatives.
Catholic governors have an interesting history regarding gay marriage in the US. Of the 9 states that have or have had same-sex marriage rights (same-sex marriage laws in Maine and California were repealed), 5 were adopted through the legislative process. Four of those 5 laws were signed by Catholic governors: John Baldacci in Maine; John Lynch in New Hampshire; Andrew Cuomo in New York; and now Gregoire in Washington (Vermont’s legislature overrode the veto of Gov. Jim Douglas, a member of the United Church of Christ).
In Maryland, another Catholic governor, Martin O’Malley, is pushing for same-sex marriage approval as a bill winds through the legislature. Will he be the fifth Catholic governor to bring gay marriage to his or her constituents?"
via Catholic governors and gay marriage | America Magazine.

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