Monday, November 11, 2013

What the Church Teaches

I have to admit I was a lapsed Catholic.Went down that road. It's one thing not to believe in God and it's another to live as if He did not exist

Furthermore I made extremely poor life decisions.They weren't sins but they weren't the best choices.

I will say at this point in life I KNOW what the Church teaches and am dismayed to see Catholics reject Church teaching without blinking an eye. All to fit in a misguided secular culture that has lost its way.I came back,by the grace of God. These people don't even know they have left.

Did Pope Francis approve same sex marriage? Of course not. Is he preaching that we must show them God's love? Yes. Is he preaching that all of us-even those with a disordered attraction-must take up our cross to follow Jesus?

Jesus did not say take up your cross and set it down. He said,take it up and follow Him.You have to do both. One entails the other. They are bound together. A person with the disorder of same sex attraction must lead a celibate life as difficult as that may be. Married men and women must remain faithful as difficult as that may be. Unmarried Catholics must wait until marriage to have intimate relations as difficult as that may be. We do fall. What we can't do is reject Church teaching and approve of the lifestyle were engaged in.At some point we have to give it up.
Church teaching is straightforward. The following are INTRINSICALLY evil and non negotiable:
EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH-no the Church does NOT prohibit ALL stem cell research

Pick up the Catechism of the Catholic Church.Read it. It's not a book of opinions.It's a book of doctrines and sound teaching. I read that 50% of Catholics are ok with same sex marriage and I'm gong to assume these same people are ok with abortion. You can't BE Catholic and be ok with either. I'm not being judgmental.Just stating the facts and if you're Catholic you should know-there's no reason anyone should have to tell you. Trust me,you can go to the non Catholic churches down the road and find one that might fit more into your pov. Come home when you're ready. For Pete's sake at least KNOW what the Church teaches.

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