Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Perilous Times

Is this why women voted Obama?

Now they're trying to get young adults to buy Obamacare with the ad. Our own government is putting out such an ad?

You mean they're counting on the same air heads who voted for them in the first place?

More going on here? Straight up,YES!

Fr Z just posted a blog today with a warning. No Priest is Safe.I'll copy/paste here:

From The Catholic League: No Priest is Safe
November 11, 2013 Bill Donohue comments on our anti-priest culture: Two stories in the news today make it clear that no Catholic priest is safe. Anyone can accuse a priest of molestation, no matter how long ago, and get away with it. Father John P. Paul has stepped down as pastor of Our Lady of Calvary in Philadelphia. He resigned because of the emotional stress he has been under. In all his years as a priest, he has never had an accusation made against him (he was ordained in 1972).
But now, out of the blue, he is being charged with abusing two boys in 1968, when he was a seminarian. It’s funny how both of these alleged victims decided to wait 45 years to make their case—in tandem, no less. The police were contacted but the case was dropped because the statute of limitations had expired. But Father Paul is still being investigated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Had Father Paul been Mr. Paul, a public school teacher, and he was accused of violating a minor at the end of the school year last June, the statute of limitations would have expired (accusers have 90 days to file charges against public school teachers).
Moreover, no one would be investigating him. But when it comes to Father Paul, even though the alleged abuse happened in the year Rev. Martin Luther King and Sen. Bobby Kennedy were shot, it’s not too late to get him. It’s never too late to get a priest. Last week in Chicago, a 73-year-old priest was shaken down for money by the same two con-artist brothers who had hustled him before. This time the priest said no. “We’ll say you touched us—read the paper—they’ll believe us,” they said. Sadly, it’s true. Thanks to our anti-priest culture, fueled by the likes of Bill Maher, every priest is considered suspect. None are safe. Please keep Father Paul in your prayers

Someone who levels a false accusation, for the sake of money or to harm the Church, deserves to burn in Hell for eternity.

Father posted a 2nd entry later on:Military chaplains harassed, mocked for quoting Scripture during chaplain training

The Supreme Court is going to be hearing a case involving a Christian couple who own a photography business.They refused to serve a same sex couple and are now being sued. IF they lose it could put them out of business. The money is not the issue.It's the ramifications this has for other Christian owned businesses.Trust me it will eventually work its way into the churches.Priests will certainly refuse to marry same sex couples. I guarantee it is where it is going to end up going.

We're not in a spiritual battle? Dream on. Ready to choose sides?

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