Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Tasteless and Denigrating Obamacare Ad

Think back to the Romney-Obama race. Romney focused on the economy and Obama's dismal failures. He had a one up on the President with that one. Now look at where the Obama campaign went. They paraded out Sandra Fluke and made the main issue birth control and abortion.
Who won? Obama. Why?In part(but not the only reason)he convinced the young single women of the country to vote for him because Romney was going to take away their birth control. Romney continued to focus on the economy thinking the birth control and women was a non issue. Obama wouldn't have used it if he didn't think it was a winner. He won.
Fast Forward;the Cuccinelli/McCauliffe race in Virginia. Again I heard rumblings from young single women that Ken Cuccinelli was going to take away their birth control. Who got the majority of the vote from young single women? McCaulliffe. Now we all know very well neither Cuccinelli nor Romney were going to take away their birth control but what difference did that make?
Basically the Obamacare ads are saying young people in our country are interested in 2 things; women being able to be promiscuous and getting drunk(the keg ads).

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