Sunday, January 26, 2014

When someone says they are "pro choice"

We know there are people who are pro life.The Catholic Church IS pro life.
IF you look to the other side of the question you would think if one is pro life then the opposing side is pro death.They call themselves pro choice. Ok,what is THAT choice?
There's no dressing it up.The choice is abortion.Planned Parenthood is not about planning parenthood.
Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.
They also promote having an active even promiscuous lifestyle among young people.
The message that Planned "Parenthood" gives young people is that you cannot control your sexual behaviors and that you should not.Since you are not going to control you behaviors-that you must have gratification-use protection.
However,if that protection fails come here for an abortion. They may as well tell young men to use girls/women and then that woman/young girl can always have the baby disposed of;so the young man doesn't have to be responsible.
In the end eventually some young woman,by following the message of Planned Parenthood,is going to end up at Planned Parenthood getting an abortion.
Planned Parenthood is NOT a compassionate charitable organization.It is a lucrative business.
Let's recall the Kermit Gosnell case. It's the one time we've had to face what abortion is.How could a clinic get away with the egregious practices they did for so long? How was it possible? It's because abortion is THE most unregulated business in the United States.It's because,God forbid, anyone speak out for life and 'interfere' with the right to choose abortion.
It's that mind set. I'm sure if anyone would have tried to shut down Gosnell's clinic before we became aware of what was going on there the PRO CHOICE groups like NOW,NARAL and PLANNED PARENTHOOD especially(among others)would have waged war to keep it open.After it was brought to light there was dead silence on the pro abortion side, in the hope the case would quietly go away,that people wouldn't take it too seriously and the media would eventually move on to other stories.
Gosnell was probably the worst of the worst but the truth is abortion is out of sight and mind-kept in the dark so we don't see what's going on. I also remember the pro abortion groups saying legalizing abortion would make it RARE. It was rare BEFORE it was legalized.Now we have had 56 MILLION abortions in the United States ALONE.All legalizing abortion did was move the abortionist into a 'respectable' clinic where he could make MORE money and be protected,even defended. Consider how abortion was legalized.It didn't even go through a constitutional process to become law.They bypassed Congress and went right to the Supreme Court.Jane Roe-the pseudonym for Norma McCorvey-NEVER had an abortion.Does the pro abortion side make that known? She was duped.USED. She has since become pro life and converted to Catholicism.She was a pawn and now she has ads stating it was the biggest mistake of her life.She has the courage to do that. The pro abortion groups will not tell you that.
The pro abortion groups attack the pro life groups by asking if the pro life side is going to take care of these women and children? The answer has always been yes.There are families who would give anything to adopt a child. There are local groups that provide all kinds of assistance to unwed and wed mothers.We have one such place here.They give counseling,diapers,cribs,clothing,money,support and all kinds of both material and emotional support to women.
The pro abortion groups only have one answer-dispose of the baby-so it's a disingenuous argument.There are pro life groups that help women who have had abortions.They don't judge. They give loving compassionate counseling to these hurting women so they can go on with their lives.The pro abortion groups don't really want to hear how destructive abortion is to women.The abortion is done,so the problem is fixed.FACT:49.7% of aborted babies ARE female. The majority of clinics are placed in minority neighbors. Talk about the fruition of Margret Sangers eugenics against black people. Don't mention her to pro abortion groups.They'll scrub her image so clean you wouldn't know she is the foundation of Planned Parenthood. They will try to revise the history too. You can revise it-you can't UNDO it.
Silent No More and Rachel's Vineyard are 2 of the most well known organizations who actually help women who have had abortions. They have the utmost compassion for them. They are non judgmental.
Sure women get into situations where they are scared,confused,vulnerable and that's what Planned Parenthood counts on. They protect their own interests too and they buy politicians.
A PLANNED PARENTHOOD AD FOR AN EVENT.Ask yourself. Is this a compassionate ad for women in trouble?

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