Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Catholics for Choice is NOT a Catholic organization

I 'tweeted' back to Eric Burns on Twitter.Since Twitter has a 140 character limit the only way I could respond to the statement on the website he posted was via blog. Will begin with the opening paragraph. Why I Am Prochoice The statement will be in quotes.
"Why are you prochoice? We asked people from around the world, from diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures and religions, to answer that question. I want to let you know why Catholics for Choice is prochoice.
At Catholics for Choice, we approach the word “choice” from an ideological standpoint. As a result of our faith and our political convictions, we believe in the power of choice."
As Catholics, we believe in conscience. We believe that everyone has a God-given voice that resonates within us and guides us in our decision-making."
When examining the question we,as Catholics,don't go around the world taking a vote.We look to Holy Mother,the Church for our doctrine,beliefs and guidance in teachings of faith and morals. Our Shepherd is the Pope.This is what it means to be Catholic.
We give an ascent of faith.
If Catholics for Choice were really guided by their faith,as they note in the statement,they would not have formed this group.
The truth is they place their own souls in grave danger by placing the souls of others in grave danger,for whom they will be responsible.
The statement is correct in saying Catholics believe in conscience. However,it can't be a DEAD conscience,misinformed or malformed conscience.Conscience does not exist in a vacuum.Catholics,by virtue of being Catholic,are guided by an INFORMED conscience and that is the teachings of the Church.
The Catechism of the Catholic states it clearly.It's worth taking a few minutes to read.
The Catholics for Choice statement would be correct IF it stated that we are called,as Catholics,to recognize the dignity of all human beings,created in the image and likeness of God and that we do not have the right to take the life of another human being. It is simply a choice we are not permitted to make if we are truly living our faith.
Scripture speaks volumes on the grave sin that Catholics for Choice is committing. It's one thing to commit grave sin ourselves-it's an even more serious matter if we lead others to do the same.
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops stated that Catholics for Choice is NOT a Catholic organization nor is it in communion with the Church.IF the group wishes to promulgate its ideas that's one thing. The fact that they use the term Catholic for the name of their group is another especially when they are promoting the idea that it's perfectly fine to be Catholic and disobey Church teaching.At the same time leading others to do the same.It's a DIRECT attack on the Catholic Church.
My question is why? Why would anyone who is Catholic or at least claims to be do such a thing? Something has gotten into this persons life.Something that has so darkened the intellect that they're calling evil,good and good,evil.Something that they got involved in that they're willing to risk their own souls for.
They're bound to attract lapsed Catholics.They're also bound to attract anti Catholics.
I know that Mr Burns gets compliments from people and maybe any number of people think highly of him but i also know that as Catholics, we don't seek approval from the world. We live our faith even at the risk of persecution and rejection.There are Catholics world wide who are being KILLED for their faith as I write this.

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